1.  Bloody Moon 

  2. A commoner 
    in distress 
    endless road
    in illusion

  3. Away from the city screams
    In complete serenity
    A farmer
    grows gold, silver and copper
    masters alchemy

  4. In the starless wintry night
    A tall lamp post
    stands all alone

  5. In the evening
    I ramble
    like the great Euclid
    looking for lines and patterns
    circles and triangles
    In the sky

  6. Solitude Highway 235

  7. Valentine’s Day is so overrated.

  8. Evening at Birch Street

  9.  Space at Birch Street

  10. Self- Portrait- Eight ( Celebrating my 8th year love hate relationship with Amrika). It was a rough ride but adventurous…

  11. Impromptu at the Barber Shop

  12. Meet Alston ! Alston, 10, loves playing trumpet. He said he wants to be a comedian. No kidding but, Alston is one of the smartest and the wittiest kid I have met recently.

  13. An empty wallet Sunday face: After Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday shopping and Small Business Saturday purchase.

  14. A wintry blast of heavy rain, wind and snow across the eastern United States disrupted Thanksgiving trip plans on Wednesday for some of the millions of people hitting the roads and taking to the skies on the busiest holiday travel day of the year. (Reuters)

  15. President Obama spent much of the week paying tribute to the memory of John F. Kennedy, and during his awarding of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, reminded us that it was Kennedy who “established a way to award extraordinary civilian virtue,” through the Medal of Freedom.http://bit.ly/18C0wtB