1. I don’t know why but I always end up taking pictures of the George Washington Memorial every time I walk around National Mall. Most of the time I use this high obelisk to represent DC.I cannot just run away without  framing this monument since it is so tall and huge, and seen from DC and VA.                          

        Well, if you were around Washington Memorial, and saw people doing some wall climbing stunts on Tuesday,I hope you did not thought  they were trying to break the Guinness World Records by climbing the monument.

       Actually engineers were repelling down the exterior sides of the Washington Monument on Tuesday to check cracks and other damages from the strong East Coast earthquake last August.

              National Park Services had found numerous cracks and chips inside the iconic landmark after the magnitude 5.8 quake rattledthe capital on August 23.The biggest crack they have discovered so far is on one of the triangular faces at the top of the monument, which is about 4 feet long and inch wide.

       The Washington Memorial monument, nearly 555 feet high obelisk has been closed to the public since the quake. According to the National Park Services, Irene, The storm which hit the area after the quake might have cause additional damages to the monument.

       Anyway, this monument is always fun to shoot. I hope it will open soon for tourists. Anyway last year I took several images of Washington monument in different occasions and seasons.. Enjoy different moods of  Washington monument. :)


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